Start making notes!!!

We all know that distractions are the enemy of productivity,  especially when trying to keep our heads down and study. Many of us enjoy the feeling of pen on paper when studying but does it have any advantages to learning? As it turns out, paper doesn’t only just feel good, research shows writing by hand in some ways are superior when it comes to learning, creativity and productivity.
It is suggested that students who hand write their notes seem to think more intensely about the material as they write it due to increased focus. So, not only are we able to diminish pesky distractions by switching to hand written notes but also increase our focus on the information we’re supposed to be taking in. “Creativity allows people to be affective” — Bill Gates

No matter what subject, creativity and inspiration will certainly fuel your learning (and even enjoyment!) while studying.

Writing by hand actually influences your cognitive processes in a way that slows you down — in a good way — and help forge creativity and new ideas. One study we found even suggests that writing by hand is more strongly linked to emotional processing compared to typing. This could lead to a more mindful and creative mindframe while studying too!
I hope this information was helpful 🌈✨

13 thoughts on “Start making notes!!!”

  1. Very interesting and inspiring post. Thank you. I was convinced that this was true and the first two years of writing poetry I always used pen and paper, felt the computer came between.
    Also, private letters I used to write by hand . I am afraid that most now hVe become e-mails.

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